We serve the Best Wings in Town. Our Boneless Wings are fresh never frozen 100% chicken breast tossed homemade seasoning. Amazing Phillys, Gyros, Chicken Sandwiches, Tilapia Fish, Catfish and Jumbo Fried Shrimp. Fresh made to order salads. The only place to go for Fried Rice!

  • Wings & Boneless Wings
  • Gyro
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Fried Rice and Lo Mein
  • Philly Steak
  • Fish Dinner
  • Spicy Grill
  • Burger and Shrimp!



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More than 2000 happy customers

  • Love love love the weird combo of chicken wings and fried rice!

    I’ve always used a popular wing place down the street from this .. This place first started as my go-to wing place when the others were too busy..

    Now it’s one of my favorites! Their wings are awesome and add in the combo of fried rice.. It’s amazing!! Their fried rice is so good!!

    Once they closed their other Lilburn location (off of hwy 29 & beaver ruin) — this one opened and is BOOMING! Now, the Hwy29&Beaver Ruin location is back open!

    Can’t wait to go back!! (It’s been 4 days already!) lol!

    Now it’s one of my favorites!
  • Definitely the best wing spot in Snellville to the least. Good customer service, pretty clean dining area and the prices are decent with lots of options. If you know what you want I would definitely recommend calling your order and however so you’re not waiting too long.

    Definitely the best wing spot
  • Four thumbs up. Great food cool little atmosphere. I had the wings and a philly bolth great. My kids and wife enjoyed the tenders. Good place will come back.

    Four thumbs up.
  • One of my fav lunch spots.Reasonably priced, and fairly quick considering everything is cooked to order.Good Philly, great boneless wings, the hot teriyaki is awesome. Good burger, good gyro, good tilapia sandwich.Large portions, clean restaurant, and they even sell beer if you are so inclined.

    One of my fav lunch spots
  • Great great place to eat folks.. PLUS they have a few WONDERFUL KOREAN DISHES !!! Woo hooooo

    Woo hooooo